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The Anti-Aging Diet?

Good food and good health

Not only may anti-inflammatory diets be the road to good health, they may be the nearest thing to a fountain of youth.  Anti-inflammatory diets seem to be the disease-busting way to stay healthy inside and out. And the switch to less processed and more natural and identifiable food products (especially from the produce aisles!) also offers anti-aging results to the complexion.

“If you'd like a more youthful, less inflamed, often even a less acne-prone complexion,” says skin care expert Maxine Warsh, “I recommend any diet that limits bad food choices. If you can cut out or cut down on inflammatory ingredients, your health and complexion will benefit—and you'll be likely to shed pounds without even trying.  You'll begin to see the results in your complexion when you look in the mirror over time—and so will everyone else.” 

What's an anti-inflammatory diet?

There's probably not much difference between what people are calling the anti-inflammatory diet and the more familiar Mediterranean Diet, says WebMD, in an article highlighting comments from the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Anti-Inflammation Diet, Dr. C. Cannon, MD., an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and cardiologist at a leading Boston hospital.  But there are a number of diets that offer good results.

The typical North American diet tends to fuel inflammation. Most of us know that high fat dairy, over-processed, fried, and junk foods can trigger heart disease, cancer, and diabetes {says Lifescript in an article on the top 10 foods to fight inflammation). Since cutting out refined startch, foods high in animal fat, and sugar has so many benefits to health and longevity, it's hard to fathom why we don't all make this sensible choice.  “And knowing that we're helping our complexion so that, while we're living longer, we're looking and feeling better, with all the benefits that brings to our outlook and vitality... is a no brainer,” says Maxine.

By choosing a healthy lifestyle diet—you also give your longevity prospects as well as your complexion an anti-aging boost.




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