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Makeup Counts

Deborah Williams of GRACE Makeup for Midlife (HQ in Toronto but also check site to buy favoites online) specializes in prepping celebs and the people you see on screens (large and small) for the camera. Deborah also does makeup on top Canadian news shows—and she gives workshops, seminars, and helps women clients look great one at a time, too.

“I'm not surprised to hear that makeup is considered an essential to getting ahead for women. I always thought so and my personal and industry clients think so. But sometimes it's hard to get the message across. Because I specialize also in makeup for midlife, where some women cut back on what they wear, simply because they're not sure how to wear it or uncertain if they still should be going glam or business-like or au naturel... the P&G survey, which got wide coverage when released, will make a big difference. Makeup artists loved it and, of course, P & G knows that, but numbers don't fib,” says Deborah.
Makeup might win the job/client or whatever—
Ignore the P&G message at your peril, seems to be the message. So much for Leaning In, etc., and take a few minutes to do a super prep before you do anything important like a big date, a big meeting, or even a big interview. For now, making sure your prep includes not just a refresher of what you know and what you'll say, but how you look (i.e., polished) might make the difference. 
Others in the biz of helping individuals get ahead, from image consultants to job search advisors, probably took note of the P & G stats. This means that everyone will be aware and makeup and presentation is becoming almost a competitive sport, if not quite a prerequisite... so don't forget to do yours, just in case it turns out to be the deciding factor at your next interview.

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