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Dressing for the Camera

Dressing for the Camera—Maggie Says

Photographers will tell you your best side and models how best to stand (kitty-corner, one knee slightly bent and forward/head slightly angled and turned just so), but what about the clothes? Some outfits work and some don't so what's the best choice if you want to look your professional best before the camera?

When we want to know who’s won what, or is going out with whom, or in trouble from whatever… we turn to EntertainmentTonight. Everyone always looks fantastic, from the celebrity hosts to the guests.  Behind the scenes of this fast‐paced TV show in Canada is a team of hard working and skilled professionals,

Entertainment Tonight Canada's Wardrobe Director Maggie Bill, who has been making people look good every weeknight since the show started, says, Definitely choose solid colors over prints, long sleeved over no-sleeved, esp if you're that age where IT shows and up/you'll know what  IT is if you're there... and light colors that complement your skin tone and hair color.”

Maggie is the creator of The Maggie Dress and Maggie Beach Dress—comes in plain and colors and on the beach is a great time to wear prints...


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