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Being an entrepreneur is hard graft—and we want to recognize  and support those who struggle through and do it well.…  If you know an entrepreneur  who is a great role model—tell us about her. She may run a salon or an accounting firm, a local store or online fashion boutique, have a wellness clinic, design dresses or shoes or craft unique tables or baby clothes or run a gallery.  She may employ herself, her partner, or 40 people. Hers may be the welcome smile that draws you back to your favorite comfy diner or trend-making bistro.

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WE’RE NOW ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS FOR THE GabbyMag Enterprising Entrepreneur of the Year in the categories of Retail. Life Style, Travel, and Live & Learn. Nominees must be pre-listed in the Gabby Business Directory. (Sorry, you can't nominate yourself, but your friends can and then they get to vote for you, too!)

Shine in the Live & Learn category, which is open to career professionals as well as entrepreneurs—from chefs to web designers to real estate experts—thought leaders, biz makers, or trend setters in your industry or your company. 

 Click the link and send us their links and your 100 word (absolute, total max!) writeup about who they are, what they do, how long they’ve been doing it, and why you think they're a fit. We’ll publicize our favorites and finalists and open voting to the Gabby faithful readers…  friends and colleagues will be able to vote (no charge).

 Winners will be announced on site and in The Business Diaries/The Launch Diaries and in the media to show how far they’ve come to inspire us and (we hope!) display their Awards on their website/announce to the world. For more info: click.




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Fashion creators, furniture designers, jewelry designers—if you're aiming at making a name in retail, we want to help …  if you’re a newbie do-er, creator, maker—we’d like to make your connections easier and introduce you, with help from our sponsors.
We have limited  EXPOSURE slots for Gab favorites. You must be less than 1 year out of uni/college or any post-secondary school (or high school) OR have been in business less than two calendar years: audition here for our sponsored exposure spots in The Launch Diaries. Contact the editor with Exposure/Audition in the subject line. We'll email you a form to fill in. You must have a working website we can link to.

Flair besides? We also like to help those with nothing to sell yet— film-makers, artists, performers, whatever—if you have a project that needs Exposure, please contact us. 


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