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Center Stage and Spotlights

That’s why we love awards and contests to recognize the best, whether in business skills or life skills. Use this space to highlight those who set trends and make a difference in your life and put them in the spotlight. Sometimes, a little pat on the back is all we need to take the next step. GabbyMag likes to help you give that public pat.  (Maybe you need a pat on the back...?)

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You'll be able to send your favorites to GabbyMag Entrepreneur of the Year Award and receive lots of plugs (or send details on you!). Also submit to be in the Spotlight. One free spotlight every month for a new launch and established biz (over two years). Put us on your social media (in a nice way) and keep us posted to enter. Your friends and customers will vote.

Details will be announced in upcoming GabbyMag News—once we get our numbers up, so the more the merrier--please pass us on. Signup as a Gabby Member for details on how.

 Options and Rates if you can't wait.  Ask about sponsoring and features/banner ads and how we can help to tell your story. Enjoy that figurative pat on the back/share your tips and knowledge and contribute your know-how to “If I knew then what I know now”  Live and Learn to benefit from GabbyMag's gift of the gab. 



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