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Welcome to GabbyMag

We created as a virtual main street and information, insight, and inspiration source to help women (or anyone!) who works at home, in their own small business, or freelances. Whether you chose to W.F.H. or work for yourself to manage commitments, more day-to-day freedom, or the pandemic changed everything, we'll provide information here to help you grow your business.  We'll provide guidance on living well and working well. You might have an online storefront, the kitchen table, or a dedicated home office--or plan to make your passion your life's work later—we hope to feature what's good to know to inspire and grow your career or business.

We'd like to hear how you started, how you managed, and how you succeeded. So even if you're not quite there yet, if you have advice, tips, or guidance to share to help others on the path. List your business on for free, and we'll contact you for your story to feature on one of our pages—Live & Learn or Life & Style.

GabbyMag was designed originally for those who aren't fans of networking in person or social media.  But now, more than ever, you'll probably want to fine-tune your elevator pitch, list in our directory, or write pieces to showcase helpful expertise, tips,  and inspiration.  Gab about your passion or share professional tips to grow your market or biz that might come in handy for people right now. Show off your story across town or the globe as we grow together. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for daily biz tips—and subscribe to see GabbyMag in your inbox once a month.



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