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Going for Ageless

Take Care—Skin Care and Aging

We can argue with aging, but most of us know that when we feel better, we look better. That’s what keeps us buying new clothes before the old ones wear out and may explain why interest in new fountain of youth beauty treatments is skyrocketing and new businesses seem to be popping up like crocuses in the spring.

For some, splurging on anti-aging cream and a sunhat at the drug store is enough. Others ponder the knife, but hesitate, uncertain about cost and risks.

Maxine Warsh says she started her company over a decade ago to give baby boomers and about-to-be's a risk-free, natural way to keep feeling good and looking better with all natural products and what some people call the “Electric Face Lift. ”

Anti-Aging Treatment

“My clients choose cosmetic microcurrent to plump the skin and give it a thicker, bouncy feel and tone and get rid of those wrinkles. But because I don't have locations everywhere, I created a scaled down version of my professional proprietary anti-aging equipment— the do-it-yourself MDXminiPRO. Based on the same science as my professional system, this is lightweight, comes in a gorgeous package with a DVD and easy E-Manual, and can be used whenever and wherever you please, even daily to feel your best.” 

The business is growing. Whether clients go professional in the office or choose the do-it-yourself model, microcurrent is gentle and can be used even just before a big date or meeting. “That's why people in the public eye love it and if they don't—they should. It's the way to avoid that just done look!” And this is what keeps clients coming back for monthly maintenance or plumping down the cash to buy their own unit.

Work for yourself—and feel better!

“And because I believe that feeling good helps you look good, I like to do my bit to assist people to follow their dreams and work for themselves. I offer a quick start entry to the anti-aging business with training in cosmetic microcurrent and the equipment to start your own business on what is basically a shoestring. This is a high-growth industry with good payback—and very budget-friendly and fast to get into. You can soon start building your own client base from home or work in a salon or spa..”

Younger than you look?

While most women look 10 years older than they think they do, the US National Federation of Independent Business says that the majority see themselves as a decade younger than calendar age.

Boosting your physicality and your body’s functionality helps you act younger, raises your spirits, enhances your complexion—and improvement to your physical self often contribute to spiritual well being.

Yoga and long, brisk walks in the park help. So do loved ones and making sure to have fun every day. Celebrate your birthdays. Being a woman of a certain age, says Maxine, “means you’re more knowledgeable, confident, and relaxed. This is actually an aging-preventative measure!”

Anti-Aging Tips
Improve yourself by yourself is big business these days. Search out the authors and experts on everything from disease-fighting foods to fitness.  How many hours you sleep, what you eat and drink, and whether you smile or frown affects your mood, your health and, they now know, how long you're likely to be around.

Find your best weight and stick to the real deal. Shop the perimeter of the supermarket for the good stuff and leave the treats for special—shop outside the box(es) and bags. Go fresh with fruit, veg, bread, and your protein choices. Drink water and loads of it. 

Common sense and everyone from Dr Oz to your local doc advises exercise—start with 10 minutes a day—but try for 20 or 30. And it turns out that moving a lot--doing housework, letting the dog out, stretching, taking a stroll—constant movement is much better for you that sitting. Never sit longer than 60 minutes at a stretch, Retain your health and improve your hair, skin, teeth, and exercise portion control: if you're full of the good stuff, there's less room for the bad. Laugh every day. It's great for you and the people around you.

If the next time you look in the mirror, you look as young as you feel… good work!




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