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The Biz of Beauty

High def these days is so sharp and clear that almost every pore shows. If you never know when you'll be on camera, it's handy to know the best techniques and coverup tips. Considering most women use a dab of something most days, it's surprising how little we may know about doing it right.

Deborah Williams of Grace Makeup for Midlife says, “Being well made up adds to your professionalism —because you feel flawless or as near can be and that is so much help. That's why I always recommend makeup. For a job interview or a client meeting, go for your best look and be professional--as the P&G research shows, it works. This means that you'll have to see (and pay) a good makeup artist at least once, so you can learn how to make the most of you.
“Some women think using techniques to minimize a feature they don't like is good, when they're actually making it stand out. We all have features we like and others not so much. I like to focus on the ones we like and that's what others will, too.
“So my number one tip,” says Deborah,“is to use make up for your age. Don't wear the eyeliner style or colors you used when you were 18 if you're 38. And speak to a professional to get the know-how-to-do-your makeup properly. My number two tip is don't try to hide. Play up your good points. Using makeup to minimize a feature is high maintenance and you might be doing the wrong moves. Instead, highlight your lovely eyes, lips, or classic cheekbones, and let your not-so-good points fade away. Chances are that you notice them, but nobody else does.”

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