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Where to stay in New York. Do yourself a favor...

Boutique Hotel in New York

The Benjamin is a boutique-style haven in the heart of mid-town Manhattan. I chose this hotel because of its call to fame: an uneventful good night's sleep. And if we are to believe recent surveys, the majority of respondents say they'd prefer a good night's sleep over great sex, and a sleeping pill over a chocolate mint on their plllow.

Sleeping Well in New York

Before heading out for my first evening in Manhattan to savor some off-Broadway theater, I met up with The Benjamin's Sleep Concierge. Like a wine sommelier in a five-star restaurant, the Sleep Concierge introduced me to their sleep menu, which included 12 pillows with such names as the cloud, buckwheat, Swedish memory (created by NASA), water-filled, magnetic therapy, and a five-foot body cushion They even have pillows that soothe and assist pregnant women and snorers. Oh, and there's also a pillow you can plug your MP3 player into, engulfing you in the music of your choice, whether it's the Mendelssohn choir singing a lullaby or Led Zeppelin belting out Stairway to Heaven.

Milk and Cookies in New York!

Returning to my hotel room, I found milk and cookies, which instantly made me smile. Before heading for the shower, I switched on the white noise machine. This filled the room with my selection of rain forest sounds. Already mellowed out by the hot shower, I waited for my in-room masseuse to arrive. My voyage into sleep continued as I slid between the Egyptian cotton sheets and laid my head on the cloud pillow. A strange image came into my mind: up until this moment, sleep may have been nothing more than a convenient room mate, but now this relationship was about to get serious. I can only tell you that I awoke feeling fulfilled and energized.

What's more, this commitment isn't a mere one-night stand. The Benjamin will be there for you every night. And when's the last time you had a performance guarantee? That's right. If they don't deliver a good night's sleep, the hotel will pick up the tab.





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