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Launch Diaries

Susan has applied her history as a consultant in retail and business development and now specializes in Leadership Development/Business Protocol, giving seminars and training for individuals and organizations, working out of Newfoundland but traveling to jobs wherever they take her—right across the country on occasion. Newfoundland is home to booming oil, gas and related and mineral industries and with international staff placements and employment demands changing, many companies  find that staff  benefit from a little brush up in executive presentation or customer service skills. Knowing business/social I.Q. and protocol and how to liaise and work with people—whether online or in person— matters. “This is especially so when employees are the visible face of the organization or during transition, perhaps, to a more public role, and I'm happy to help.”

Success by Example

Presenting workshops, seminars, and advising one-on-one fills Susan's workday. But she is also very passionate about her role as founder of The “I bring together women who are already achievers and successful in anyone's language—and provide opportunities to share knowledge and collaborate on growth. I invite wonderful  been there, done that keynote speakers who show and inspire by example—from all spheres from politics, to the arts, business, government, and education.”

Gifted Women

“TEW is, so far, only established locally—but the exceptionally gifted women we've attracted as members and speakers, and who come along as guests, has been inspiring.,” Susan says. “I believe it's not only our inherent skills and intellectual capabilities, but our outlook and approach to others that contributes to success.”

Expanding its operations, the group has just launched a Leadership Development Program, which is designed to advance confidence and build fluency in the rules and tools needed to live up to expections and perform the responsiblities at board and senior levels.

Men vs Women?

The workshops and coaching services are available to all— groups, companies, men and women. “I do co-ed worskshops, but for individual coaching, often a little one-on-one time is useful. The twists and turns women, in particular, face in the workplace or their chosen professions can be challenging and there's a trickle effect. Knowing how to develop or showcase your leadership skills may make all the difference.  Filling a mediator role may not always be the best approach to getting ahead. So starting TEW, where we meet and network to help achieve goals in our professions and careers, reflects my passion in my day job.”

“I feel that we have created a niche that works based on a combination of cooperation and collaboration—we inspire each other. ”

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