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Go global

That's why one of GabbyMag's main missions is to boost and encourage entrepreneurship, which is what we've been doing  since 2009, we've been linking women in business—the producers and sellers and the do-ers and the makers who drive the economy, with clients, buyers, and window shoppers!  

Still growing
We launched an online newsletter in 2009 and promoted events to help people make friends and business connections, online and in life. Live and Learn is for mentoring and sharing expertize —and showing off.  We want to help you reach out and expand your visibility with GabbyMag and be a collaborative women's network alliance—and a first stop for new and helpful info.

Success is hard

We know it's hard to do it ALL yourself. IMost of us don't have a fortune to spend on ads and promotion or time to do justice to the new social medias that keep popping up.

Network via the net with GabbyMag

We'd like to take evening courses and read a different Kindle book every night—but time passes... and we're still working, when we should be relaxing.  That's why we do what we do. is meant to be your friendly main street, to support and help you grow until our small town extends further than we ever thought possible. We want to help our friends and readers and customers and sellers connect and network via the net in the GabbyMag community. Sign up in the Business Directory—free during launch—send in your Biz News for New This Week and share.

Success stories
It's not pricey to disply in one of our virtual front windows cause we're just finding our feet—ask for rates to be featured in The Business Diaries or The Launch Diaries. Tell us what you know and provide great content—perhaps become one of our experts and tell your How You Did It story. You might be ready to grow or still trying to make a great idea into a viable business. Tell us about it. We'll provide GabbyMag Exposure slots for editorial or, if that doesn't work for us, at special rates for great content that teaches what women in biz want to know.

The Business Diaries
Whether you have a big brand or a budding brand,  we'd like to help you connect and meet and greet online. if you're a maker/producer or creator,sign on to extend your reach and gab! Contact to be included in this sponsored page (ask for rates—)  and tell your story. One company a week will be featured. 

Also ask about GabbyMag Says—we'll post your news for min cost to maximize exposure. Two months plus... Editorial requirements, etc. Just ask. Get out there now.

The Launch Diaries
Open to people just starting out and with tips and help to help you get going. We feature one company a month—for hardly anything, because you're just starting. All we ask is you go social about us and say nice things!

Free listing in exchange
To get this growing, you're invited to list and link in our directory free during launch.  (You have to be in our Business Directory with a bona fide link to be eligible for editorial/ads/promotion or participation in The Business Diaries or The Launch Diaries.‚)  But The Business Directory is a bargain in the launch stage! It's free. We just ask that you link to us on facebook or give us a tweet.

GabbyMag Connects
And if you're a reader, sideline watcher or a shopper, sign up for free GabbyMa in your inbox for Alerts and Offers from GabbyMag members or watch us on social (see links in the footer).  We'll connect and make it easy to network via the net. 



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