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Stop working and have more fun

Take your downtime

Everybody knows how important downtime is, but most of us are not getting enough, especially if we're busy with business, families, email andcompliments Semo Trebizaniphones... and trying to squeeze in a little vacation time before summer departs in a few weeks.

Why you should relax

If you haven't had any vacation—book it now or at least plan an afternoon or weekend away from cares and worries and your work. Relaxing is good for your heart, will keep you thinner, eases acne... and may even help reduce your breast cancer risk. See 10 Health Benefits of Relaxation from The Huffington Post.

And not sit around all day

If you don't have time or make time to relax, your longevity may be affected-. Exercise if you can—even being active for 10 minutes two or three times a day has shown to have dramatic results on your health. It's hard to absorb that the sheer functionality of working—for many of us that involves nose to grindstone, or desk or computer, for the whole long and tiring workday... can be a killer. Sitting certainly raises your risk of diabetes, heart problems, even cancers. So stand up every few minutes and give yourself a shake or a stretch. At the very least, aim for every 10 or 20 minutes when you're sitting for long stretches.

A Boston University study of both sexes showed that women, especially, benefitted with a lower BMI and cholesterol and other health benefits from squeezing in just 10 minutes of activity daily—whether it was vaccing or golfing. So get to the gym or the park or jog around the block... but if you can't, at least stand up and wiggle or stretch regularly to get yourself moving.

Sitting also affects your productivity (if your boss or colleagues need a reason).  So if you sit around all day—stand up and walk around your desk or over to the window or to pick up a pen you've dropped on the floor. There's benefit even for a brief moment or two. It keeps the blood moving, and your muscles and tissues active. It will probably also boost your metabolism and help with weight control. But a key benefit is you'll feel less lethargic and way more energetic. 

How to relax in 5 minutes

And in between trying to be more active—also try to relax! Take advantage of every minor opportunity. You don't have to have a long nap... just lean your head against the back of your chair and close your eyes for a few minutes to get some of the benefit. Think of your favorite place, your favorite person, your best memory—explore the goodness of life, even for a few seconds. (Tip: keep a notepad or your ipad at the ready on your desk, so it looks like you're thinking/creating/pondering marketing strategy...instead of napping!)  More: See 40 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less.

And smile while you're at it

Studies show that laughter decreases pain (see Mental Health America for how to boost humor in your life). Adding more smiles, laughs, and joy may help your heart and lungs, and promotes muscle relaxation. We all know a good laugh reduces stress, anxiety and emotional angst. Sharing laughs can help you bounce back when stress strikes.






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