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A Caregiver Diary

In sickness and in health—
Anyone ever married has probably said these words or an approximation: for better, for worse, for richer, poorer, in sickness and in health. But, do we ever think of what these words might mean in the long view? Or whether the health care facilities and services provided to us and that most of us in Canada are generally grateful for are as helpful as they could be to promoting patient heath and wellness.
Looking back to my husband's time in the hospital, a more flexible or creative approach to patient care could have measurable value.
Now that we're at home, personal service workers determine our schedules. Sometimes, we do not know when they're coming more than 10 minutes in advance.  My husband's morning personal service worker (PSW) was excellent on this particular day, although two hours later than expected.  The PSW for the evening shift was a tad tentative--but at least both arrived at the door and were prepared to make him comfortable, give him a bedside sponge bath, and help him dress in sweatpants and t-shirt (days) or pajamas.
Looking after him will be a big part of my future—no problem. I'm not sure if K would select me to be his nurse/PSW given a choice, but he doesn't seem to mind. So the PSWs do what they do, and he grins and bears it well—and in between, I do what's needed for him. Since I work from home— it will take a slight adjustment re meeting deadlines and scheduling client calls to suit an uncertain PSW schedule. 
The goal is to rehabilitate his health as he recovers from a broken hip, the operation, and any residual effects suffered from a fall in the hospital when staff transferred him to a wheelchair in the middle of the night. So hubby and I are working together at home, with a few visits from an excellent physiotherapist to guide us and the ongoing PSW support to improve his mobility and get him back to the state of wellness and agility he had before admittance to the hospital.
Stay tuned.


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