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Information to help your business (and you) to grow and prosper:

Gabby's goal with The Business Diaries is to focus on the competencies needed to start and run a business, whether you're freelancing part-time or opening an e-store or bricks and mortar location (or both!)... Follow GabbyMag on Twitter and Facebook for daily links and news on things you should probably know to succeed in business (and life!)!

Launching a startup on a startup budget, whether you're a fashion designer working out of your basement and funded by the bank of Mom and Dad or see yourself as the new facebook—doing the maximum with the minimum (money, resources, time, people) is the key. It always helps to do the research—and we will:

IT and Technical Info:

What you may need to know about IT, analytics, mobile, and  “How to get value out of your business data” can be found at Techopedia.

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