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The Productive Boardroom

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Two new books on governance and effective boardroom management are now available on Amazon from the founder of GDP Consulting and author/consultant Brenda Kelleher-Flight.

Created widely-used governance model
Brenda Kelleher-Flight is the creator of The Decision Making Model of Governance, one of only two fully developed models available, .. With GDP Consulting, she has been a leader in the field in the Atlantic Region and Canada for 15 years and is now expanding to the U.S. GDP Consulting provides leadership and training to organizations in diverse sectors from non-profits to businesses, school/hospital boards, and cultural associations from its HQ on the east coast and an office near Chicago.

Governance reference and hands-on resource
The Productive Boardroom gives directors and CEOs the tools to be effective and covers topics from accountability and strategy development to holding closed meetings and risk management for CEOs. Ms Kelleher-Flight set out to demystify and make governance manageable. Defining and separating the task of governance from management is a key element of The Decision Making Model.

The Productive Boardroom should be considered essential reading for new board members and those aspiring to join the club, as well as veteran directors, says Donna Messer, board member for United Way Oakville. “Brenda Kelleher-Flight captures the essence of what being a good board member is all about. I’ve already loaned her book to colleagues on several boards that are not operating at maximum performance.”

Boardroom solutions
The easy to follow workbook format of The Productive Boardroom—10 Steps to Superior Performance is based on The Decision Making Model of Governance and in a single, easy to grasp volume covers the key elements that drive boards off track.



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