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Baby WARSH Cloth

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Baby WARSH Cloths from Maxine Warsh

Skin care expert Maxine Warsh launched her first product for children with The Baby WARSH Cloth. Designed to clean with water only for infants to toddlers (and on up!), the cloth is soft, gentle, and non-abrasive on tender parts. It works better than a sponge for baby sponge baths. Labels are in baby and mom-friendly colors.

Natural Baby Wipes

These efficient cloths are like 10-inch natural baby wipes, but without the additives, and recommended to keep baby skin soft, clean, (green…) and chemical-free. The Baby WARSH Cloth leaves no soapy or chemical residue, so it doesn’t make skin dry or chapped. It’s designed for use on baby all over, in the bath and for touch ups from head to toes (and tush).  Wash and use over and over.

Doctors Recommend Using Water Only on Babies

Most doctors and medical sources recommend washing baby with water only and advise a sponge bath daily, but not an immersion bath. The Baby WARSH Cloth is big enough and soft enough for the job.

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