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The Warsh Cloth for Her

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The three-in-one natural cleanser, natural exfoliator, and makeup remover

The Warsh Cloth, otherwise known as The Little Miracle Worker, super cleans away makeup, grime, and impurities on your face the simple and natural way—just add water!

“WARSH” the cloth in soap and water to keep it performing its little miracles for months. Order 3 and save; 3 for $30 From

Also check out the Family Pack, and Warsh Cloths for Him, for Baby, for Teens, and for Acne.

“Once my clients use The WARSH Cloth to clean their faces, they never want to use anything else! There's a good reason it's my best seller.”  Maxine

3 for $30



Join the ranks of spas, private clubs, doctors, dermatologists, and retailers carrying The WARSH Cloth. Add to your product range and start keeping your customers happy (and making a difference to faces everywhere!) within days.

It's a fantastically easy way to launch a new biz and rejuvenate your life! Maxine

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See the Maxine Warsh Facial Rejuvenation website

Price: $30
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Washes away makeup and grime with water only!

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