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Anti-Aging Microcurrent

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Daily anti-aging boost

Give yourself daily anti-aging boosters of cosmetic microcurrent—called the “Electric Face Lift” and do it yourself with the MDXminiPRO from Maxine Warsh in a few minutes whenever you can squeeze it in.

Designed to take with you when you travel or use at home, it's smaller and llighter than our full professional model, but with all the complexion plumping and boosting (and refreshing!) benefits.

Use the quick Feathering Technique for minutes—on your face, neck and hands (where age always seems to show first)  daily or whenever you like to battle fine lines and wrinkles. No training—watch the introductory DVD for tips from Maxine, and get started.

Now and again, you may want to give yourself the full Monty—the in depth "electric face lift" treatment. That's based on the same moves the professionals use.

Battle wrinkles

The DVD guide and printable E-Manual with easy to follow illustrations show you what to do. You'll also receive a free 30 ml bottle of the loved-by-all Collagen Correction (everybody's talking about this!).

We'll also tuck in The WARSH Cloth/aka Little Miracle Worker—the 3-in-one exfoliant, makeup remover and 'Warsh' cloth that works its miracles with water only and can be used for months. 

“When you look better you feel better, and I love making my clients feel better. They love it, too!”

Renew.  Revive. Rejuvenate—help your complexion to feel and look great and see the difference in you!

Price: $1750
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