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Living Healthy

Living Healthy

Any time is a good time to think about the daily random choices we make that affect our risk of contracting life threatening diseases and what we can do to avoid them. GabbyMag readers are mostly women, moms, professionals, business owners... We wear many hats and busyness often means shortcuts. Using the drive thru at McDonald's instead of cooking from scratch, or working late and skipping the nightly walk with your dog, might seem time saving, but such small decisions add up to affect our health and longevity.

Lifestyle and Cancer

Many of us would make better choices—if we knew what they all were— to avoid cancer. The World Health Organization reports that at least a third of all cancers are preventable. In the US, the lifetime probability for developing cancer for men (based on 2008-2010 data) is 1 in 2 and 1 in 3 for women.  Canadian stats show that,  “Some 45% of men and 41% of women are expected to develop cancer during their lifetimes.” If you haven’t already taken steps, now might be a good time. There's a lot of information to be found on what we should be eating or how much we should weigh for the good of our health—but it's sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction.

“You do not have to sit by idly and hope you don’t get cancer,” says Dr. Shirin Bonakdar, who is a chiropractor in the Toronto area and offers step-by-step methods and guidance to attain and retain good health. “Ensuring we're in prime physical shape and in a position to disarm disease before it develops is essential to our well being. You can actually fight cancer every day.   Cancer can be defeated before it develops, which may prevent the need for chemotherapy and radiation treatments later on.

“I both use  and teach Maximized Living to my patients. The focus on choices and best practises in five essential areas—from spinal alignment  to nutrition to brain health, exercise and fitness, and minimizing toxins—in our environment and in the products we use— enables our bodies to function as efficiently as possible,”Cancer is preventable if we're smart enough to make changes to the way we live.”

Dr. Bonakdar works with individual patients @ Harmony Chiropractic and also consults with employers, large and small, on fitness, reducing injury, and stress/time management. She is also  the doctor for the  USA Women's Wrestling Team and lectures frequently on topics such as nutrition, wellness, injury prevention and stress management.

“Research has shown that you can reduce your chances of getting cancer as well as dramatically increase your chance of overcoming it if you’re dealing with this disease already,” said Dr. Ben Lerner, co-author of “The Cancer Killers.”  “By making proactive, intelligent lifestyle changes, the average joe can significantly reduce his or her risk of contracting this notorious disease.”  Dr. B.J. Hardick, co-author of the best-selling Maximized Living Nutrition Plans and a contributing author for The Cancer Killer, will be the special guest speaker at the workshop.

The Bottom Line

How we live our lives not only opens the door to cancers and other ailments such as cardiovascular disease, it affects us in many other ways, including productivity and ability to reach career and job potential.  A study of almost 20,000 Americans showed that even one “unhealthy behavior increases the likelihood of productivity issues.” And the less sleep a worker has (Huffington Post) “the worse his or her work becomes.”

Beyond the value we can create for ourselves in good health and longevity by our diet, exercise, and factors from tobacco use to alcohol, being fit may affect not only the corporate, but your personal bottom line and your success potential—for individuals and companies.

If you think your health and lifestyle deficits need some remedial work—consider a health makeover

Maximizing Immunity with a Health Makeover

If you’re in the General Toronto Area, Dr. Shirin Bonakdar will be hosting the Maximized Living Cancer Killers Makeover, a public workshop to teach people of all ages how to prepare their bodies to prevent and fight cancer naturally.  on Saturday, November 1, 2014  from 10 to 1 at Persian Palace.“ More information and RSVP

Discover if you're living a lifestyle that creates cancer or kills cancer.

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